Hey, I’m Tom and I’m a VC at Redpoint Ventures where I work with some great companies like AxialMarket, ElectricImp, ThredUp, BranchOut, Expensify, Blue Fin Labs and Quantifind. I have always loved tech from my days taking apart my dad’s cordless phone to hacking together visual basic apps for law firms in high school to today cranking on some rudimentary rails apps. I’m also a productivity nut. (Ask me what my favorite keyboard shortcut is)

When people ask where I’m from, I answer it’s complicated. I’ve lived all over: Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Chile, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The Valley is my favorite and home now.

I’ve started a company, worked in a medium sized startup and a big, public startup. Today, I’m looking to help startups.

My hero is Thomas Edison who said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

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3 thoughts on “About

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  2. hi Tom
    I suppose you are biased for the Valley. As an outsider who only lived in NYC & Boston, I also tend to see this as the best ecosystem, let alone gorgeous place on Earth for a startup (we create 3D avatars with emotions on mobile apps + platform integrated with social nets)
    what is your take? any other ecosystem with these dynamics?

  3. Hi tomasz,
    Thanks for being an inspiration to startups.im based in dominican republic and trying to accomplish something here.

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