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Gartner released a mobile application report estimating 41B mobile apps will be downloaded in 2012, 90% of which are free. 5% of applications use in-app purchasing, but generate 10% of total revenue. Gartner estimates Apple’s iOS platform accounts for 47% of downloads. link

Product Releases

Apple announced the new iPhone 5; 500M cumulative iOS devices shipped and 17M iPads sold in the last quarter. link Apple announced 200M iCloud users, up 33% q/q. link

Toys ‘R’ Us has released the Tabeo a $150 tablet that ships with 50 games including Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. The device runs Android 4.0. link

Valve, the makers of PC gaming distribution platform Steam, have announced a foray into virtual reality gaming goggles. link

Mark Benioff announced an enterprise cloud storage product called Chatterbox, to compete with Box.net. link

Company Announcements

Salesforce announced a partnership with Blue Jeans Network, a cloud hosted video conference network that bridges codecs from Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize and others. link

Facebook announced 235M monthly game users. link

Instagram announced 100M users, up from 80M users in July. link

CloudFlare annonuced 70B monthly visitors to sites it powers across 600M MAU. link

Google partnered with Turner to distribute TNT, TBS and other channels across its Google Fiber MSO. link

Delta has sent cease and desist letters to startups building airline reward search engines including MileWise and AwardWallet. link

Google blocked Asus from launching a mobile phone powered by a Alibaba Android variant called Alyium, which doesn’t comply with the Open Handset Alliance terms. link


Charlie Cheever is stepping back from Quora. link



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