Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted about different parts of a board presentation. During this time, I’ve actually pieced together the board deck for one of my companies. It was much easier to write from experience.

Clearly, every board meeting is different but I’ve tried to put together the major, consistent components I ask our companies to provide us at board meetings. The typical agenda for a board meeting:

  1. What’s going well? What’s going poorly? Where does the CEO/company need help? Inform. Inspire. Instruct.
  2. What’s our strategy? Company Road Map
  3. How are we performing relative to our goals? Key Metrics/KPIs
  4. How much gas do we have in the tank? High level financials and hires & options approvals

Do you have any other key areas that you typically cover in board meetings? Or other questions that I might write about?