At Redpoint, we are passionate about software-as-a-service companies serving the small to medium business market. We’re also searching for companies who benefit from network effects. Today, we’re announcing a Series A investment in AxialMarket which exhibits both of these traits.

Private capital markets lack a single common platform. As a result of information asymmetry and market fragmentation, private companies suffer enormous costs and miss key strategic opportunities.

AxialMarket levels the playing field for bootstrapped entrepreneurs and the advisors who help them finance and exit their business. AxialMarket enables entrepreneurs and their advisors to access private equity and debt capital sources that include family offices and strategic buyers – ultimately increasing efficiency in the market place. The company has amassed a network of thousands of deal professionals, data on private company profiles and strategies, developed deal marketing tools and deal pipeline software. It’s clear why these deal professionals use AxialMarket: the network makes them more successful.

We believe AxialMarket will be a dominant platform in the private markets. Headed by Peter Lehrman, who was instrumental in the growth of Gerson Lehrman Group, AxialMarket has grown dramatically, helping 8,800 companies execute financial transactions. In the words of their customers, every day on AxialMarket is “the biggest conference of the year in the private markets.”

We’re thrilled to welcome AxialMarket and the Axialites into the Redpoint family and we can’t wait to see how AxialMarket will grow and transform the private capital markets.