We’re thrilled to announce an investment in Electric Imp. Founded by a team from Apple and Google, Electric Imp has set a bold vision of connecting every electrical device to the internet. When Hugo Fiennes and Kevin Fox described this broad vision and showed us the technology they built to accomplish that goal, we thought it was pure magic.

Electric Imp will soon release the Imp, an inexpensive WiFi enabled computer the size of an SD card, designed to allow almost any electrical product to communicate with users and services on the web. Imps enable device manufacturers to easily connect their devices to the Internet and empower consumers to control their homes from just about anywhere using just a phone or computer. Electric Imp builds the Internet service that communicates with these devices.

At Redpoint, we believe the connected age is just beginning and that most devices will be internet enabled. Today, the technology platforms to enable these kinds of connections and communications aren’t yet in place. Electric Imp will build this infrastructure. We believe that by providing low cost, simple and immensely flexible Imps, the company will become the networking and software layer for the connected home and office.

We welcome the Electric Imp team into the Redpoint family and are excited to help them achieve their vision.


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    • We haven’t yet announced any direct applications but some example uses might be inexpensive home automation (managing lights, alarm systems, sprinklers) from your mobile phone. The same technology could be used to inexpensively use Wifi to transmit a presentation to a projector without cables. Basically, we’re connecting everything to the Internet.

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