I downloaded the app, installed it and read the Mossberg review as things documents were syncing. Some quick thoughts:

  • The app is nearly identical to Dropbox. Menu items are the same. UI is very similar. The only major difference is on that Google Drive allows you to edit documents in the web UI.
  • Clicking on a document in your file system that takes you to a web page is a neat experience. Surprisingly natural.
  • There is no perceptible difference between drive.google.com and docs.google.com now, which is really confusing. The files are identical and the UI is identical. Which do I use when? Do they merge? Does one support functionality that the other doesn’t?
  • I’m not yet sure how Drive integrates with Picasa web and all the other storage systems. And how Drive will work across GMail and Google Apps domains.
  • Search works really well. I wish it worked across GMail and Google Apps.
  • I’d like to understand the differences in encryption and security between Google and Dropbox.

Overall, the product is solid. It’s early and I’m certain the team will iterate rapidly to support photos better and integrate the service with the other Google offerings. With more competition in this market, I expect profit margins on these services to wane and consumers to benefit from additional storage.