Pinterest has 10.4M users, 9M of which are active monthly and 2M daily, according to AppStats.

Two projects reached $1M raised last week on Kickstarter, the first time such a mark has been achieved.

Video game sales fell 34% y/y in January to $751M from $1.14B, according to NPD. Hardware and software sales fell 38% while accessories only fell 18%.

Amazon has licensed Viacom content increasing its streaming library to 15,000 titles. The service is free to Amazon Prime subscribers ($79 annual subscription). Separately, Verizon has partnered with Redbox to offer a video service which will provide DVDs by mail and video streaming via joint venture.

Three weeks after launching a live TV dongle that accepts a coaxial cable feed, Boxee is facing litigation from Time Warner and Comcast. Currently basic cable channels are unencrypted and large cable companies would like the FCC to change rules preventing channel data encryption.

Nginx, a web server, has reached about 10% market share reaching nearly 40M domains, according to Netcraft,

Spark hired Nabeel Hyatt, former general manager of Zynga Boston, as venture partner. Foundation Capital hired Zynga’s chief marketer, Padma Rao, as EIR.


Google released Chrome Browser for Android. The browser is an optional download today but will likely be bundled with future updates to Android. Android’s Chrome browser syncs with the PC/Mac version of Chrome and is a fully featured HTML5 browser – though Flash is not supported.

Honeywell has sued Nest, the smart thermostat company, for patent infringement.

Tencent’s mobile gaming platform reaches 200M mobile users compared with Facebook’s 425M mobile users, 60M of whom access Facebook connected apps about 5 times per month on average using smart phones.


LinkedIn reported revenue of $168M (+105% y/y) with net income of $6.9M (+30% y/y)

Jive announced $22.5M (+53% y/y) of revenue and posted a loss of $12.7M (-86% y/y).

GroupOn announced $505M (+182% y/y) and a net loss of $35M (up from a loss of $379M last year.)


Oracle acquired Taleo, a SaaS talent management software maker, for $1.9B in response to SAP’s $3.4B acquisition of SuccessFactors.

Appcelerator, maker of mobile developer tools and platforms, acquires Cocoafish, a mobile backend service provider, to provide full stack service to mobile developers. Cocoafish competes with Parse, StackMob and others.

Dassault Systems acquires Netvibes for $26M.

Groupon has acquired Adku, a Founder’s Den company, that provided product recommendation technology.


Company Description Investment Investors
DocRun DocRun provides document management systems. 1.1 Kima Ventures
Ridejoy Ridejoy provides a community for ridesharing. 1.3 Y Combinator; Founder Collective; Freestyle Capital; SV Angel; Lerer Ventures
Ovelin Ovelin provides iPad apps to help students learn to play instruments. 1.4 True Ventures
GoCardless Ltd. GoCardless Ltd. provides online payment solutions. It offers web-based payments gateways & APIs to allow merchants to bill their customers using bank-to-bank transfer. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is based in London, United Kingdom. 1.49 Accel Management Co, Inc.; Y Combinator; Passion Capital Investments LLP
TastemakerX TasteMakerX provides a mobile application to discover tastemakers and find new bands. 1.8 Guggenheim Partners, LLC; True Ventures; Baseline Ventures; AOL Ventures; Tekton Ventures
Viddy, Inc. Viddy, Inc. provides a social mobile application that allows users to capture, produce, and share bite-size videos with the world. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Venice, California. 6.0 Battery Ventures; Bessemer Venture Partners; QUALCOMM Ventures; Greycroft Partners LLC
Flingo Flingo provides a TV application platform. 7.0 August Capital
Extole, Inc. Extole, Inc. provides social marketing-as-a-service programs. It offers Refer-A-Friend, a referral marketing solution that shares referrals, tracks actions, and fulfills rewards. 10.0 Norwest Venture Partners; Redpoint Ventures; Trident Capital, Inc.; Shasta Ventures
Stripe Stripe operates as an online business to business and business to consumer payments provider. The company was formerly known as DevPayments. It is based in Palo Alto, California. 18.0 Sequoia Capital
Capital Access Network, Inc. Capital Access Network, Inc., a financial technology company, provides tools and associated services to quantify, control, and reduce the exposure and costs to providers of capital and credit to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) in the United States. 30.0 Accel Management Co, Inc.