Do you know this expression? I’ve heard this expression quite a bit recently. I’ve even been told there’s a movie of the same title.

In fact, an investor in Redpoint’s funds told me last night about his process of researching venture funds to invest in: he looks for investors who pay it forward. He asks entrepreneurs which VCs helped companies despite not having invested in the company by providing feedback, checking in or helping out in other ways. At Google, we called this value “googliness.” Saying the word makes me smile.

But, he’s exactly right. The best members of an ecosystem prioritize the healthcare of that ecosystem. I could argue that paying it forward is the mantra of Silicon Valley and its essential to the health of its ecosystem.

New entrepreneurs, new VCs, new members of all kinds are introduced around and most are willing to take those meetings. In a way, we’re all working together to make sure that Silicon Valley is successful – that tech is successful because it’s what we love to do. We love to invent, to destroy, to recreate.

This is the magic of Silicon Valley. Let’s keep it going.

What are the best ways of paying it forward you have seen?

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