Adobe released a study of shopping behaviors of tablet users analyzing basket size and propensity to purchase.

Tablet users spend more than 50% more for each transaction at an online retailer compared to smartphone users and 20% more than traditional computer users. Adobe found that the average order value for tablet users was $123 on average per purchase, 54 percent more than smartphone users ($80) and 21 percent more than computer users ($102).

Higher basket sizes for tablet owners is obvious. Income of a tablet buyer is significantly higher than the norm. But the explanation of conversion data is a bit trickier.

Adobe also found that tablet users were three times more likely to buy something than smartphone users and nearly as likely to convert to a purchase as traditional computer users. Tablet users now make up 4 percent of all total web visits to retailers, up from 1 percent a year ago. Adobe gathered the data from 16.2 billion visits to the websites of more than 150 retailers in 2011.

Purchasing online requires typing in a huge amount of data: billing and shipping addresses and credit card information. This is a pain to do on a mobile phone because mobile phones are used predominantly during pauses in the day and sessions are too short to go through the funnel. On the other hand, tablets have much longer user sessions and are typically used during the evening hours at home. Users have more patience.

Amazon and Apple are the most successful mobile ecommerce vendors. Their trick? One click payment. When mobile browsers have payment mechanisms built in, most likely offered by OS vendors, mobile phone purchasing on ecommerce will explode.