Yammer revenues tripled from 2010 to 2011 from about $5 to $10M in 2010 to approximately $20M in 2011 according to industry sources.

Apple will be opening new store-within-a-store locations in select Target locations later this year, enabling the company to expand its retail reach into smaller metro areas.

For the first time in history, digital music sales exceeded physical sales in the U.S. representing 50.3% of sales, according to Nielsen. Digital albums are 31% of albums sold. Also, 100 songs broke the 1M digital track sales mark and eight artists broke the 10M digital track sales mark. Vinyl album sales grew 40% to 3.9M.

Spotify’s daily active users have grown by 60% after launching a Facebook app, with 50% daily engagement of its userbase.
Steam, the PC gaming distribution service and social gaming network, announced 5M peak concurrent users and revenue growth greater than 100% for the seventh consecutive year.

Disney and Comcast forged a partnership to syndicate Disney content on Comcast’s TVEverywhere platform.

Netflix has launched in the UK. Rival Lovefilm immediately undercut Netflix price by 1GBP and announced 2M members. LoveFilm is owned by Amazon.

Akamai is rolling out new capabilities to its HD Network for video distribution that will make it even easier for content owners to securely distribute content to nearly any device using the studio-created Ultraviolet encryption system.

Warner Bros. is doubling the amount of time Netflix, Redbox and others must wait before buying DVDs at wholesale prices, to eight weeks.

Zynga has 150 million monthly unique users but only 2.2% pay for virtual goods. A paying user spends $280 annually.

Leichtman Research Group determined 69% of US households have at least one HDTV set, up from 17% five years ago. 20% of households bought HDTVs last year.


NPD reported iOS market share of Q4 sales grew to 43% compared to 19% last year, nearly equating Android share of 47% in a marked reversal of Android market share trends. Additionally, smartphones account for 66% of all phones sold in the US.

Broadcom has announced gigabit wireless routers designed for simultaneous HD streaming to multiple devices in the home. These chips will stream 1.3GBps and will be available in Q2.

Samsung has posted record quarterly profits after selling 35 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, up from 27.9 million in Q3. Operating profits have soared to $4.47B (+73% y/y) .

The top 1% of mobile data users worldwide generate 50% of network traffic, according to Arieso. 64% of traffic in the top 1% came from USB modems. Smart phones generated 33% percent and tablets less than 3%.

Infinity Blade 2, the iOS swordplay sequel, has earned $30M cumulatively and $5M in December.

Instagram users are contributing six photos per second to Facebook and generating 300M pageviews per month.

PayPal is testing in-store payment in Home Depot with a limited number of beta users.


VentureSource data indicates venture backed exits fell by 4% in number but increased by 26% in value compared to 2010.

Milennial Media filed for IPO with trailing nine month revenues of $70 million (+138% y/y) with a net loss of $0.5M in 2011 and gross margins at 40%.


Gaming investments grew by 47% in 2011: 145 companies raised more than $1.54B, according to VentureBeat.

Company Description Investment Investors
Contactually, Inc 0.05 500 Startups
Nimble LLC Nimble LLC develops a Web-based social customer relationship management (CRM) platform for small businesses. 1.0 Google Ventures
Spool Spool develops an artificial intelligence and computer vision engine that grabs articles, records videos, and saves images. 1.0 Charles River Ventures; Felicis Ventures LLC; SV Angel
RJMetrics Inc. RJMetrics Inc. develops software for online businesses to measure, manage, and monetize their activities. 1.2 SoftTech VC; Zelkova Ventures; SV Angel; Lerer Ventures; Upstage Ventures LLC; Red Swan Ventures, LLC
If This Then That Ifttt operates a web service that transfers data from one web service to another based on software triggers. 1.5 Greylock Partners; New Enterprise Associates; Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP; Betaworks; Founder Collective; SV Angel; Lerer Ventures; CrunchFund
Aisle50 Aisle50 operates a group discount service for groceries. 2.6 August Capital; New World Ventures
GrabCAD OÜ GrabCAD OÜ provides cross-platform CAD library and engineering community. 4.0 Matrix Partners
Coursekit, Inc. Coursekit, Inc. provides school software solutions. 5.0 IA Ventures; The Social+Capital Partnership
Klout, Inc. Klout, Inc. measures influence on topics across the social Web. 30.0 Institutional Venture Partners; Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers; Venrock; Greycroft Partners LLC; ff Venture Capital
SoundCloud Ltd. SoundCloud Ltd. operates SoundCloud, an audio platform that enables customers to create, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds across the Internet. 50.0 Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers; GGV Capital
Lithium Technologies, Inc. Lithium Technologies, Inc. provides social customer community software and social media marketing solutions to enterprises worldwide. 53.4 Benchmark Capital; New Enterprise Associates; SAP Ventures; Greenspring Associates, Inc.; Emergence Capital Partners; Shasta Ventures; Tenaya Capital; DAG Ventures, LLC