As I read about the new Galaxy Nexus on the Verge, I was struck by the reading experience – the beautiful page layout, the selection of fonts, the alternate, offset paragraphs, the table of contents that follows the reader throughout the article. It’s the first glossy magazine I’ve found on the web and the first publication that I come back to again and again because the design is beautiful.

The Verge’s design would be an inspiration if it were created for a print magazine, hand-assembled in Adobe Creative Suite, massaged to pixel perfection and cemented into pdf. But The Verge is a web publication  collaged using HTML and CSS3, so inspiration is too timid a compliment. This design is a marvel – a blend of print design and new technology.

Every publication has a voice, has a look, has an attitude. Finally, the web has evolved to enable these voices to be heard and publication design to shine.