Comscore, PayPal and IBM issued reports detailing first week holiday spending trends.

  • Online sales increased to $9.7B (14% y/y)
  • Total online holiday 2011 spending is forecasted to be $37.6B (+15%)
  • Offline sales are forecasted to grow at 2.8%, slightly more than baseline GDP growth.
  • Mobile traffic represented 14% of all retail traffic, growing share by nearly 3x annually.
  • Mobile GMV is up by 500%.
  • Of the 14% of traffic generated by mobile devices, 10.2% originated from iOS devices.
  • Tablets generated twice the conversion rates of other mobile devices, reaching 4.6% visit to checkout rate.
  • Social networks are ineffective lead sources, generating only 0.5% of all conversions.

Electronic textbooks will generate $270M (+44%) in gross sales this year or roughly 6% of all sales, according to Simba Information. In related news, Penguin publishing house is preventing its books from being lent in electronic libraries, including Amazon’s, featuring cannibalization of sales.

YouTube announced 3.5B videos streamed daily, up from 3B in May.

MineCraft has recorded 16M user accounts logging in 240M times per month, or 15 per user per month.


China has surpassed the US as the largest smartphone market. In the trailing quarter, China received 24M smart phones compared to 23M for the US, which fell 7%, according to Strategy Analytics.

ATT has temporarily withdrawn its application to merge with TMobile. ATT is considering divesting additional TMobile assets to entice the FCC to bless the merger. Should the merger fail, ATT must pay TMobile a $4B break-up fee.

eMarketer forecasts 34M Americans will own a tablet by ear end (+159%), growing to 55M in 2012.

McAfee increased the expected number of mobile malware samples from 75M, up from their previous prediction of 70M. All of the these exploits occur on Android. They include data phishing through SMS, password stealers, fake anti-virus and autorun programs, among other exploits.

Fandango announced 22% of ticket sales for the new Twilight movie were on mobile devices, the highest proportion ever for the company and an indicator of the penetration of mobile purchasing in the target demographic of the film: young women.

Big Fish Games launched an iOS gaming subscription service last week. For $7 per month, subscribers receive access to the entire library of Big Fish iOS titles. Several days later, Apple removed the app from the store several. Big Fish said it had been working with Apple to comply with subscription policies of the iTunes store.

Bump, the mobile application that allows two co-located phones to exchange data, announced 60M cumulative downloads and 11M 30-day active users.

Opera, the Scandinavian browser company, announced 140M monthly users of its mobile browser, up from 100M six months ago. Opera Mini operates webpage caching service that speeds the rendering of mobile web pages by consolidating all the web requests at  the server end before sending a fully rendered page to the mobile phone. This architecture is very similar to Amazon’s Silk browser.

Kyobo, Korea’s largest seller of books, released a new Android eReader sporting Qualcomm’s Mirasol display. Like the eInk technology powering the Kindle, the Mirasol display consumes a small fraction of the power needed by traditional LCDs. Battery life will last weeks.

Android’s new flagship device, the Galaxy Nexus, has received widespread praise both for hardware and software. The phone is the first running Android 4.0. The Galaxy Nexus will cost $199 with a 2 year contract and will be released on December 8.


Nexon, the Japanese gaming company responsible for MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter, among other titles, has filed for IPO and shares will begin trading on Dec. 6 in Tokyo. The company will raise $1.3B. Nexon has released 3 games whose cumulative revenue exceeds $300M. The company generated $850M last year with $260M in net income, up 27% and 14% respectively.

eBay acquired Hunch, a social recommendations company, for $80M.

Microsoft has acquired video search startup VideoSurf for about $80M.

Akamai is said to be acquiring Cotendo, a video content delivery network, for about $300M.


Company Description Investment Investors
Pocket Change Lunch Money Co. develops game application for mobile phones. 1.0 Baroda Ventures LLC; First Round Capital; Google Ventures
Fitnesskeeper Inc. Fitnesskeeper Inc. provides an iPhone application and operates an online community for tracking fitness activities. 10.0 Revolution Ventures; Spark Capital; O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, LLC
Netflix, Inc. (NasdaqGS:NFLX) Netflix, Inc. provides subscription based Internet services for TV shows and movies in the United States and internationally. 400.0 T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. (NasdaqGS:TROW); Technology Crossover Ventures
J. Mclaughlin, Inc. J. Mclaughlin, Inc. manufactures and distributes clothing and accessories for men and women in the United States. Highland Capital Partners; JH Partners LLC