Started by a animation student named Willie Downs, the Animator Letters Project collects letters of encouragement and inspiration from animators all over the world. Like every creative field, animation balances lots of struggle with small bits of inspiration.

Yesterday, I stumbled a letter from the Animator’s Letter Project that is addressed “To whom it may inspire:”

Whether animator or entrepreneur, reading about the struggles and the setbacks of others some of whom will find eventual success is cathartic. It’s the reason that posts like Marc Hedlund on Why Wesabe lost to Mint and read profiles of Zuckerberg in the New Yorker.

As a community, we need to hear these stories, read these articles and share these anecdotes. I hope we can build a place to curate these stories. I’m not sure how to do it, but I’m certain it’s important. After all, these adventures become the lore of Silicon Valley and the inspiration for future entrepreneurs.


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