Social media marketing is wonderful. It enables conversations between companies and users, between writers and readers. It builds brands by giving them a voice. Social media is a layer we’re collectively continuing to building on top of the web.

But today social media is new, rough and uneven. Our companies struggle with how to maximize its effectiveness and serve their users best through social media. I’ve listed the most common of these challenges below. Let me know if you face some of the same challenges, if you have found ways to solve them or if you face challenges of your own.

  • Customer support requests and product feedback appear in a multitude of places. There are the normal channels: email and support forums. But customers also send thoughts using Twitter, Facebook, Formspring, blog comments and even Google Plus. Capturing and responding to all these disparate channels is a challenge.
  • Like display advertising, social media is essential for most companies. Determining the effectiveness of a channel whether blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Posterous and so on, is really difficult. What are the right metrics for impact, brand building and reach?
  • Should a company should have a single corporate voice or it should highlight the voice of a few employees and develop personalities.?
  • Groups and forums are great ways to build community. Should these groups exist on a Facebook page or profile where management tools are rudimentary or should the community exist on a destination site?