Lion reversed the up and down directions when scrolling. It’s going to take a few days for me to relearn this. Four finger swipes to get to the LaunchPad app. Two finger swipes to go forward and backward between web page history. It’s a bit odd. Gestures, though, are the future of human computer interaction. And I’m excited to see them expand into many apps, serving many roles.

In less visual apps, I hope that the gesture can replace my most often used keyboard shortcuts. I’m really excited to draw a shape with my finger to make a circle on a powerpoint/keynote slide. Or add a table, resize it, add columns through gestures. Change font size, copy images, rotate images and so on. The keyboard will remain important but it will be complemented with the gesture.

English is a beautiful language, not for the way it sounds or is written, but because it has its vocabulary has two words for most every concept – a short one with Germanic roots and a long one from French – you can better a situation or ameliorate a situation. Both mean the same thing. Authors switch between word origins all the time to evoke different emotions – that’s the brillance behind this combination.

In the same way, gestures will be another tool for computer users. A faster, sometimes more intuitive, way of accomplishing  a task. Today’s gestures are basic and simple. Games have developed the most advanced uses of gestures. Play Gun Brothers to get a sense of it. Tomorrow’s apps, both PC and mobile, will be gesture laden.