There was some magic revealed yesterday. One of our companies, Expensify announced two big milestones yesterday. The first is the launch of one touch expense filing.

Here’s a screenshot of the Android app. To file an expense, just hit the “add receipt” button. That’s it.

Your receipt will be accurately scanned and processed in minutes. It will then be tied to your credit card bill and automatically processed in Quickbooks.

One click.

If you haven’t used it yet, try it and let me know what you think. For startups, it’s a great tool because it integrates into your back office seamlessly. Many of our companies use the service.

I’ve been using this feature for the past several weeks and there’s no going back. It used to take me an extra hour a month. Now, it’s less than five minutes.

Second, Expensify announced 1M receipts processed so far. But with this kind of simplicity, I expect that number to grow very quickly.

This is the way all enterprise should be. Easy, quick and magical.