Jonathan Carson of Nielsen revealed some great insights on mobile trends at AppNation today.

  1. Unlike the beginning of the web, on mobile existing big brands are winning. Google, YouTube, Facebook and Pandora each have 50%+ reach on iOS and Android meaning these apps are on at least 50% of the handsets.
  2. In each category, aside from games, there is one category winner with 50 to 60% market share. This is true in music (Pandora), Weather (Weather Channel), Social Networks (Facebook) and Maps (Google Maps).
  3. App stores drive 60% of installs; word of mouth, 20%.
  4. Unlike the desktop web, 76 to 93% of mobile consumers are willing to pay for content with News as the lowest category and games the greatest.
  5. Only 10% of users think ads on mobile devices are acceptable. 33% would agree to ads if it lowers their monthly bill.
  6. Privacy concerns are significant: more than 50% of users across all age groups are concerned about mobile privacy.
  7. 37% of all phones in the US are smart phones.
  8. The average iOS user has 48 apps; the average Android user has 35.
Some thoughts about these metrics

The willingness to pay metric is very encouraging for media businesses. Though there may be challenges in developing the right frameworks and models for presenting content, the market exists.

The relative market share advantage large brands enjoy will be a challenge for startups. Brands are valuable on the web and in mobile and startups will be hard pressed to displace incumbents.

Privacy will be an important topic for the foreseeable future particularly with ads and payments. The recent PSN privacy breach and the admittedly overhyped location data fiasco with iOS and Android and consequent federal legislation will keep privacy in the news for a while.