Today, Google announced Android had achieved 3B app downloads in just 2 months, and in 27 months since launch.

Apple announced 10B in April, 29 months after the launch of the iTunes store.

That’s quite a difference in success, attributable to many different things including Apple’s superior consumer marketing efforts, the millions of iTunes apps installed on computers and a truly magical handset.

Despite the slower start, Android’s growth rate exceeds Apple. Android reached the 3B download mark in 2 months compared to 4 for Apple.

When Apple launched its iOS, Jobs educated  the market about the benefits of a smart phone and the myriad of applications that served users.

Drafting behind these efforts, I suspect Android’s app download totals should continue to outpace Apple’s on a time-shifted basis as Android ships more phones, now 350,000 per day and inexpensive handsets flood the US, Chinese and Indian markets.


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