I spoke at an the Rice Alliance last year and just found the video on Google. I’ve embedded it below. There are 15 minutes of overview followed by 15 mins of Q&A.

This talk was the inspiration for the MIT article Pick a Platform. Pick a Market. Get Right to It and paints a picture of the opportunities created for entrepreneurs by new platforms.

Rice University is a lovely college town in Houston at the crossroads of some of the best healthcare systems and hospitals and some of the most sophisticated oil discovery mathematics. It’s a wonderful place full of curious people and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Stepping outside of the valley to deliver this talk gave me a chance to reflect on how very special the valley is. But I realized too that the passions, technologies and aspirations of entrepreneurs are common across geographies. Sometimes the spread of these emotions is enabled by the very technologies we’ve created, whether the web or mobile. Other times, entrepreurial yearnings sprout independently.

Either way, it’s our responsibility as entrepreneurs and VCs to do all we can to foster and promote this movement. Hope you enjoy the talk. Let me know your reactions.