Internet & Media 

Microsoft releases Facebook chat to all Hotmail users, becoming the first email platform to do so.

Google changes core algorithm to demote content farms. The shift will impact 12% of search results and is intended to reduce the rankings of content farms and sites with duplicated content. 

Skype releases Skype to Go, a low cost international dialing service for all phones. Skype converts an existing landline to a new Skype number to enable low cost calling. Skype announces 30M peak concurrent users.

eMarketer releases data comparing Facebook and Twitter penetration in the US. Twitter grew twice as fast in 2009, but its growth rate has fallen behind Facebook in 2010. 

AOL restructures media to be run by Ariana Huffington. President David Eun resigns.

PlaySpan released forecasts projecting 110M (58%) internet users in Brazil and $517M in annual virtual good sales by 2012, growing at 50% y/y. 

Netflix has signed a video streaming deal with CBS. Netflix is the only streaming provider with content from the Big 4 networks.

Amazon launched Amazon Prime video, a movie and TV show streaming service free for Prime member and $79 for non-Prime. 

AirBnB announces 1M nights booked with 65% m/m revenue growth from Dec 2010.


8.5% of paid search impressions are on mobile devices according to a study of 175 Performics customers.

The Android market has a books section that competes directly with iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle. 

The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing Apple’s in-app purchase system because of concerns about children buying virtual goods and currency without realizing the actual cost.

FourSquare is approaching 7M users.

SCVGR announced 1M users and is adding about 10,000 users per day. 

Square eliminated its 15 cent transaction fee, relying instead on a 2.75% GMV charge for revenue. The company is acquiring 30 to 50,000 merchants per month.

Investments, Liquidity and M&A

Goldman Sachs invests $70M in AppSense, a user information virtualization company.

Gilt Groupe is said to be raising a $100M round at $1B.

Intel Capital invests $12M in Digital Chocolate. Digital Chocolate announced the company had reached 29M MAU and 4.2M DAU.

Box.net raises $48M from Meritech and Andreessen Horowitz.

JP Morgan has raised a $1.2B high growth private equity fund.

OpenMile, an online freight brokerage, raises $6M from GlobeSpan.

Gogii, a free text messaging application sending 32M messages per day and 7.7M MAU, raises $15M from GRP partners.

TinyCo, fka Brooklyn Packet, raises $18M from Andreessen Horowitz.

Paydiant, a stealth mobile payments company raises $7.6M from GC and North Bridge.

ContextIn, a stealth DSP, raises Series A from Spark and Pitango.

Disney acquires Togetherville for an undisclosed amount.

BookRenter raises a $40M inside round.

Peter Wagner leaves Accel after 15 years.