Internet & Media

In effort to decrease the number of new developers using the Twitter feed directly from Twitter, the company will no longer accept new unlimited API requests, likely sending newcomers to data reseller Gnip.

Web email usage declined 59% among teens, 1% in 18 to 24 year olds and 18% in 25 to 34 year olds in 2010 according to Comscore.

The average Facebook user spends 25 minutes per day on the site up from 23 minutes last year and visits the site 2.8 times per day. Users spend 13% of their time on the web on Facebook, according to Comscore.

Bing increased search market share from 10.4% to 12.0% in 2010, at the expense of Yahoo and Ask. Google increased share from 66.0% to 66.6%, according to Comscore.

Spotify sent letters to subscribers indicating the service will launch in the US in the next few months.

StumbleUpon reached 500M monthly page views and 28M daily stumbles.


Nokia partnered with Microsoft announcing the handset maker would shift over the next year to producing phones nearly exclusively running Windows Phone 7. Nokia shares sank 14% on the news. Nokia’s maps and billing relationships will be incorporated into the OS.

RIM is rumored to be integrating Android into the OS of their new tablet, the Playbook. The Pre2, a business phone with a slideout keyboard and the Veer, a credit card sized consumer phone.

Mary Meeker released data indicating SmartPhone and Tablet sales exceeded PC sales for the first time in Q4 2010. 3G subscribers increased to 726M, with the US leading the world at 141M subs, 47% penetration.

ComScore released the state of the mobile world report:


U.S. smartphone adoption reached 27 percent of mobile subscribers in December 2010, an increase of 10 percentage points from the previous year, while European adoption reached 31 percent, also up nearly 10 points versus year ago.

36 percent of mobile Americans and 29 percent of Europeans browsed the mobile web in December 2010, with access through an application reaching 34 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Europeans.

Over the past year the number of mobile users that accessed a social networking site at least once a month via their mobile device increased by 56 percent to nearly 58 million users in the U.S.


HP revealed 2 new phones and a tablet running Palm’s WebOS.

Sony demonstrated the Xperia Play, also known as the Playstation Portable or PSP phone. The phone has a game controller under the slide-out screen and runs Android. Sony has signed 20 publishers including EA, Gameloft and Glu to develop titles in addition to ports of Sony Playstation games.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy II, the successor to the first Android phone to sell 10M units. The Galaxy II will run Game Hub, a Samsung software that will compete for gamers with Sony.

AT&T and OpenFeint announced a partnership that will bring OpenFeint’s gaming platform to Android developers on AT&T phones. 

BlackHawk released a mobile applications to enable users to create personalized gift cards on their mobile devices which are delivered through Facebook or email.

Opera claimed 100M users of Opera Mini, a mobile browser. The company recorded 90M users in late 2010. Opera’s market share remained steady at 21

A survey completed by the world’s largest provider of hosted Exchange, InterMedia, revealed that 49% of US SMB users access work email using iPhones, 25% using Blackberries and 13% use Android.


Akamai announces $1B (+18.6%) in revenue and $171.2M (+17.3%) in net income.

eBay announced PayPal would comprise 50% of total revenues in 2011 up from 33% in 2010.

Financings, Liquidity & M&A

Pandora files for IPO with $90M in trailing nine month revenue, 87% from ads and 13% from subscriptions, on a net loss of $328k. Pandora’s userbase is 80M. The company paid $45.4M in licensing fees.

HTC invests $40M in streaming video game provider, OnLive and acquired mobile video company Saffron Digital for $40M.

Visa acquires virtual goods monetization platform PlaySpan for $190M.

TenCent acquires a majority stake in Riot Games for $400M.

Motorola acquires 3LM, an Android security company.

HP acquires database provider Vertica for an undisclosed amount.

Zynga is raising $250M at a $9B valuation.

JPMorgan announced a $500 to $750M media fund.

eBay revealed it owns 49% of Magento and invested $22.5M in the marketplace in March 2010.

Andreessen Horowitz announced they had invested $80M in Twitter via secondary share acquisition.

Raptr, a cross platform gaming communication system, raises $15M form DAG, Accel and Tenaya.

Glassdoor, a job review site, raises $12M from Battery Ventures.

Meraki, a wireless networking company, raises $15M in follow on financing from Sequoia.

Abe’s Market, a market place for natural goods, raises $3.4M from Accel.