Internet & Media

SVAngel and Yuri Milner have offered each of the 40 YCombinator startup in this class $150k with no cap and no discount. 

Amazon announces $13B (+36%) in revenue in Q4 and net income at $416M (+8% y/y). The company announced in 2010 it sells 10% more Kindle books than paperbacks and 300% more than hardcover books.

Amazon will offer a free content streaming service to all Amazon Prime members, which costs $79 per year and includes free shipping on most of Amazon’s goods. The streaming service will include access to a library of 5,000 movies and TV shows. Netflix offers 20,000 titles for $72 per year to more than 20M subscribers. 

Microsoft announces 8M Kinects sold in 2 months, the fastest adoption of any consumer product. Revenues increased to $19.9B (+5%) while gaming revenue including XBox, Zune and Windows Phone increased 55%. 2M Windows Phone have shipped.

Facebook is testing a voice chat feature that would compete directly with Google Chat. Skype uses Facebook Connect today and this feature could be an extension of that partnership. 

OMGPop announced Facebook credits have tripled virtual good purchasing conversion rates through instant credits, short term loan for up to 30 FB credits not requiring any payment mechanism, replicating services Kwedit.

Tagged, a dating social network, announces 100M users, $32M in revenues with game virtual currency revenue up 71% and subscriptions up 50%.


Gartner reported $5.2B in total mobile app revenue across 8B downloads in 2010, forecasting growth in 2011 to $15.1B in revenue and 18B downloads.

The New York Times released analysis of smartphone share by carrier:

Samsung announced 80M phones (+23%), including 10M Android Galaxy S, and 2M tablets sold in Q410.

145M Nintendo DS units have been sold since the platforms release in 2004, compared to 160M iOS devices since 2006. In the trailing 9 months, Nintendo sold 16M units. In one quarter, Apple sells about 9.8M iPod touches, marking a dramatic shift to mobile gaming.

Zong and Boku announced direct billing relationships with Verizon via BillToMobile. Carrier billing will decrease transaction processing fees by 50% from the 35% of premium SMS billing today and likely increase buyer conversion rates.

Nokia announced global handset market share fell from 35% to 31%. Despite this fall, the company generated €42.4B (+4% y/y) in revenue and €3.2B (+9%) y/y in profit. Ovi downloads have reached 3.5M daily.

ATT reported 442,000 tablet and 4.1M iPhone activations in Q4.

86% users use mobile devices when watching TV, according to a Yahoo study of 5000 people, with viewers aged 13-24 reporting 93%.

LG will preinstall PapayaMobile on Chinese Android handsets.

FourSquare announces 6M users and 381M check ins in 2010, or 5 check ins per user per month.

PayPal mobile executive Osama Bedier is leaving the company to join Google where he will work on mobile payments.

Mobile developer Lima Sky signs movie deal for Doodle Jump, following Rovio Angry Birds’ foray into movie theaters.


Amazon reports S3 holds more than 260B objects (+135% y/y) and 90x since launch 4 years ago. S3 is now servicing 200,000 queries per second. The company also launched Simple Email Service an on demand SMTP server.

Financings, Liquidity and M&A

LinkedIn filed for a $175M IPO. In the trailing 9 months, the company generated $161M in revenue and $10M in profit. The tripartite revenue streams, Subscriptions, Hiring Services and Ads, each generate about the same revenue.

Nielsen raised $1.6B during its IPO last week with shares increasing 8%. The company was taken private in 2006 for $10B and it is now trading at $7B.

Demand Media raised $151M in its IPO with shares appreciating 30%. The company trades at a $1.75B market cap on $234M in trailing 12 month revenue and a $3M net loss.

Facebook shares dropped 7% in secondary markets last week – the first recorded drop. 

LinkedIn acquires CardMunch, a business card scanning app, and will offer the service for free.

Google acquires SayNow, makers of social voice apps for an undisclosed amount.