Internet & Media

The WSJ reports Facebook 2009 revenues were $777M with $200M net. The company plans to exceed the 500 investor maximum by 2012 and will file public disclosures.

Reuters reports LinkedIn will file for IPO with 85M members and $200M in annual revenue.

Apple launched a desktop app store last week driving 1M downloads in the first day. A competitor, Google’s Chrome App store has found far less success. 

Comcast will enable live TV watching on iPad through the Xfinity app, in addition to providing access to the video on demand library.

CBS Interactive will sell shows on Boxee. This comes on the heels of Boxee announcing a deal with Hulu to bring Hulu Plus, the subscription service, to Boxee users. Netflix will also arrive on Boxee by the end of January, rendering the Boxee Box an IP based set top box competitor.

Google announced Priority Inbox reduces time spent on email by 6%, to the chagrin of email marketers everywhere.

A Telegraph report uncovered Spotify’s difficulties in launching the US. Record labels are requesting significant up front fees, distrustful of Spotify’s ad supported business model likely precluding a US launch in the near future.

A JPMorgan study found 40% of iPad owners also owned Kindles and 23% of current iPad owners plan to buy a Kindle in the next year – contradicting theories the iPad would cannibalize Kindle sales. The key differentiator between products is price.


Google demo’ed Android 3.0 at CES on several devices including the Motorola tablet, Xoom, and a Tegra 2 powered Atrix 4G. The OS has been overhauled to suit tablet use as well as desktop/laptop use. The Atrix 4G, perhaps the most impressive phone at CES, can be docked at a monitor and keyboard or notebook to power a computer at full HD resolution running Android apps and a new desktop optimized Mozilla browser. Live video conferencing is also part of the OS.

TMobile announced they have sold 900,000 4G devices in just 2 months. 

Skype now carries more than twice the number of long distance minutes carried by all other carriers combined, according to Telegeography. Most of these minutes are P2P minutes. Skype, however, does carry 20% of all paid voice minutes.

AdMob reports serving 2B ad impressions daily, up 400% in 2010.

Comscore announces Android handsets have surpassed iPhone in the US with 26% and 25% market share respectively.

eBay announced about $2B in gross sales on mobile phones in 2010.

Pinger, makers of Textfree, announced they were doling out 15,000 phone numbers daily. Over the Christmas holiday, users bought or earned 3M minutes per day.

Scanbuy released a mobile bar code scanning report indicating scans in the US had grown 16x in 2010.

MOG announces preinstall deal with Verizon to bundle with all 4G phones.  


JP Morgan forecasts e-commerce revenues to increase 18.9% in 2011 to $680B. 38% of Americans purchase goods online at least once per month.

Home Electronics

Microsoft announced 8M Kinects sold in 60 days. In addition, more than 50 million XBox consoles have been sold with 30 million using XBox Live, up from 30M consoles and 20M subscribers last year. MSFT announced Avatar Kinect a software update that enables facial recognition.

LG debuted Android powered home appliances at CES including ovens, robot vacuums and refrigerators, another example of the growth of the mobile OS.

Investments and M&A

EchoStar acquires Move Networks, once the leader in IPTV delivery, for an undisclosed amount.

Salesforce acquires DimDim for $31M. 

Rho Ventures invested $21M in Tapjoy and $10M in OMGPop.

Skype acquires Qik for $100M.