On Wednesday evening, I was lucky enough to speak at the VC Demo Day at AOL in NYC. In a reversal of roles, venture funds pitched to entrepreneurs in five minutes and four slides or less. 

It was a bit nerve-racking to be on the other side of a pitch, but fun to understand the pressure and excitement that founders undergo when pitching at such a rapid pace. 

In building the story for the Redpoint pitch, I wanted to answer the question why an entrepreneur should work with us. As with any service business, a venture capital firm can differentiate only using the experiences of the partnership, the portfolio of past experience and investment theses/expertise. And in such a short time, I decided to highlight the portfolio as a way of demonstrating expertise and theses. I’ve embedded the slides below.

As I spend more time in NYC, now about 5 to 10 days per month, I am impressed by the very different flavor of startups and the pace of innovation as young-bloods pour out of established media, advertising and financial houses to mix with engineers from all over. We hope to continue helping the NYC community to flourish. 

Redpoint AOL Dec 2010