8% of Americans use Twitter according to a report by Pew Research, but only about 4% check the service every 3 to 5 days or more frequently. In an unrelated event, Twitter VP of Product, Jason Goldman, is leaving the company.

Video game sales in November were the highest on record at $3B, up 8% y/y powered by Kinect (2.5M sold) and Call of Duty: Black Ops (8.4M sold), according to NPD. The XBox 360 platform and games accounted for 40% of all sales, of which, accessories such as Kinect were 60%, or 24% of $3B.  

The online advertising market will reach $25.6B in 2010 according to eMarketer, up 13.9% y/y. 2011 forecast is $28.5B.

Facebook announced 250M users use Connect every month, representing 50% of their userbase.

Automattic, makers of WordPress, announces 300M users and $10M in revenue.

Google demos Chrome OS on a Cr-48 notebook to rave reviews. The OS features instant on and must be connected to the web to function. There is no locally stored or executed software. Google also announced Chrome is used by 120M people globally.


Andy Rubin announced 300,000 Android devices are activated daily, 110M annual run rate, up from 200,000 in August. 

Paypal processed $700M in mobile transactions this year, according to the president of PayPal mobile.

DeNA is under investigation by Japan’s FTC for monopolistic practices. DeNA has been reported to discourage game developers from using competitor Gree as a publisher in addition to DeNA, threatening decreased distribution on DeNA as a countermeasure.

HTC announced they shipped 20M handsets in 2010 and forecasted 60M units in 2011. LG announces 2M Optimus Android handsets sold in 2 months. 

FourSquare announces 2M check ins and 25k new users each day. 60% of users are US and the average user checks in 3 to 4 times per day.

Qualcomm shutters FLOTV, the mobile TV effort. FLO TV struggled with carrier distribution and then pursued a direct to consumer strategy offering dedicated devices. 

Angry Birds announces 50M downloads.


In a bid to win more customers from Exchange, Google is releasing an Exchange disaster recovery solution that allows Exchange and Gmail to be run in parallel.