Skype is rumored to launch a cloud based video chat service in Q1, partnering with third parties such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Google releases Google Books, an eBook store with 3M titles, the largest in the world.

Microsoft announces 2.5M Kinect Devices sold  in the first 25 days on the market and is forecasting 5M for the year.


Comscore’s latest smart phone OS market share figures indicate only Android is growing share faster than the market.

Samsung has become the leading manufacturer of Android devices. In November, 3M Galaxy S phones and about 750k Galaxy Tablets were sold.

AngryBirds announced $1M revenue run rate on in game ads alone from the 5M Android downloads of the game to date. The games have been downloaded 30M times across all platforms including 12M on iOS, generate 65M daily minutes of game play and 

ngMoco announced a port of Pocket God to Android. The game was developed by Bolt Creative.

Other sectors

Global chip sales increased 19.8% in October to $26.3B globally. SIA forecasts a 37% increase for 2010 to $248.2B.

Venture financing is reported to have fallen by 6% in dollar terms, according to VentureDeal, but this data is different than the perceived frenetic investment pace of the valley.

Investments and M&A

GroupOn rejects a reported $6B offer from Google.

Living Social announces a $175M investment from Amazon. The company is estimated to be at $500M run rate.

Google acquires WideVine, a DRM technology provider for an undisclosed amount.

WhaleSharkMedia raises $90M from Austin Ventures and acquires RetailMeNot.