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Alipay announced 500M registered users this month and 7M daily transactions at $302M in GMV, making it the world’s largest 3rd party payment platform. In second place, Paypal has 200M users and processes $195M in daily GMV.

Comscore forecasts eCommerce spending will increase 13% this holiday season.

Google studied the purchasing behavior of tablet, netbook, ereader and laptop shoppers and found shoppers view tablets as a distinct category with only about 15% considering buying a tablet to replace a netbook, laptop or ereader.


GfK Asia reports Android is the most popular smartphone OS in Asia, beating Nokia’s Symbian in late Q3.

Samsung announces 600,000 Galaxy Tab Android tablets have sold in the first month. This is an impressive feat considering the version 2.1 Android OS isn’t optimized for tablets. The iPad sold 1M units in the first month.

76.3M users browse the mobile web using Opera Mini, up 92% y/y. 


SAP will pay Oracle $1.3B in damages for pirating software and documents, the largest fine of any such suit.