Call of Duty generated $650M in first five day sales, more than 3x the top 5 day sales of the Dark Knight, the top grossing movie for the same period. 

The average US Internet user watches 30 minutes of online video per day, compared to 5 hours of TV, up 50% y/y.

Experian announced Facebook comprises 25% of page views. YouTube, second place, has 6.4%.

Google launches Boutiques, an ecommerce aggregator for fashion using the Like.com technology they acquired.

LinkedIn reports 85M user accounts, adding 2.5M per month.

Twitter will sell 50% of the firehose through Gnip for $30,000 per month. The larger Garden Hose, 100% of Tweets, will be shut down.

MySpace integrates Facebook Connect to power login. MySpace will use Facebook profile data to improve advertising targeting.

Safeway, GameStop and RadioShack have begun to sell Facebook Credits adding to Walmart, BestBuy and Target.

AdBlock Plus, a Firefox extension that blocks ad units, announced 100M downloads, making it the most popular extension.

The British government declared ISPs may prioritize traffic as they see fit, striking down net neutrality.


1M LG Optimus $30 Android handsets sold in 40 days, a testament to the demand for inexpensive smartphones.

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile revealed Isis, an NFC mobile wallet designed to leverage the NFC chips in next year’s smart phones. The platform is slated to launch in mid-2012. The triumvirate have partnered with Barclays and Discover.

GetJar powers the new Yahoo mobile app search application, hot on the heels of a similar partnership with AT&T.

Sprint pulled the Palm Pre from shelves, darkening the shadows around Palm OS.

Wired announced it sells 32,000 monthly issues of its iPad app, about 39% of print sales. Costs are 20% for the app due to video and interactive content.

Financings & Liquidity

Kayak filed for a $50M IPO. Kayak generated $128M in trailing nine month revenues, up 48% y/y with net income at $6.2M, down from $10.4M in 2009. Kayak processed 469M queries for a revenue per query of $0.28, compared to Google’s $0.12 (Don Dodge’s estimate).