Last week, I flew to New York. Before the trip, I waffled packing my bag. Laptop and iPad or just iPad? Rushing out the door, I threw caution to the wind and my PowerBook on the couch. It was a great decision.

The iPad is a laptop replacement for travelers who have neither documents to create or epics to write. It is a supreme emailing device: long battery life and a cellular connection. For reading, Pulse, Reeder and Kindle deliver all the content I needed, cached for the plane. But what you leave behind, the weight, is the best thing.

Admittedly, a bluetooth keyboard rose quickly to the top of my gizmos to buy and more than once I tried to squeeze in a trip to the Apple Store (to no avail). Writing long emails and editing text using only fingers, the relatively small screen and the word selection boxes tests is a character building experience. The sounds of silence – no music while emailing – is another short-lived flaw.

But with multitasking, released today, and a keyboard tucked into my messenger bag, it won’t be long until my PowerBook is relegated to the fate of a PC tower, sentenced to life chained to my desk.



3 thoughts on “Traveling with an iPad

  1. Very nice – though the new 11.6″ MacBook Air is a great alternative as well. I have my first flight with it tomorrow, looking forward to not having to take it out of the bag!

  2. Actually, spending 6 weeks traveling with just the 11″ Air, iPad, and iPhone. AirDisplay is a great way to get some more screen real estate, and iPad has the same pixel density and pixel-width (768) as the Air’s height, so works well. So far so good, but missing the 27″ iMac back in Boston for certain tasks.

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