Call of Duty generates $360M on 5.6M units sold in 1 day sales shattering Modern Warfare’s previous record of 4.7M units.

Hulu announced $240M in 2010 revenue, up 122% y/y, 30M uniques in October viewing 260M videos and 800M ads sponsored by 352 advertisers. Hulu’s rapid growth and consumer brand will be essential for its survival as it competes with cable’s TVEverywhere. 

9.1M DAUs communicate using Windows Live Messenger on Facebook, the 2nd largest Facebook app in terms of DAU compared to top ranked Farmville at 16.6M DAU. Integrating Facebook 3 months ago, Messenger’ team is incrementally rolling the feature out, currently to 20% of Messenger’s 300M members. Facebook has integrated with 2 of the world’s largest communication graphs: Skype and Microsoft Messenger. These partnerships point to Facebook’s intent to cooperate with other communication platforms, but the rumored Facebook email may complicate matters. 

iTunes Ping integrates Twitter enabling easy sharing of musical tastes across Twitters 190M users. Twitter and Ping share the follower distribution model.  

35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute with volume increasing through partners via the upload API. 


According to a YouTube survey of 17,000 users (about 0.2% of the 7.1M mobile uniques), 75% view YouTube predominantly on mobile devices and 38% exclusively on mobiles. 58% of mobile visitors spend 20 minutes per visit.

Samsung released the Galaxy Tab on TMobile for $399 with a 2 year contract. 17 Android tablets have been announced for release in 2010.

Like Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone 7 updates will be distributed by Microsoft. This delivery model will prevent Android’s OS fragmentation caused by carriers’ disparate OS update release cycles – a challenge for developers.

Mocospace announced their first HTML5 mobile game hit, StreetWars. ARPUs are $13 per month on both iPhone and Android. 50% of the user base plays every day and 4% of users buy game currency. 

Financing and M&A

AVG acquires Droid Security, an Israeli mobile security company with 4.5M downloads,  for up to $9.4M.