At the Appcelerator event yesterday, several companies shared insightful data about the mobile app ecosystem. This data paints a picture of a mobile gold rush. Here are my notes:

Mobile App Stats by Flurry

The top mobile social gaming ARPUs (average revenue per paying user per month) has increased from $3 in January to $9 in November. Of the $9, $8 is generated by the 1 to 1.5% of users purchasing virtual goods and $1 by advertising and offers. 

The average iOS user logs 22 minutes per day on the device. 

Incented advertising, eg watch this trailer for 1,000 FarmBucks, has average RPMs of $32 and CTRs of 22%.

Update: Mocospace reports $13 ARPUs

Based on a sample of 45 apps.

Farmville on iOS by Zynga

Across all platforms, Zynga has 60M daily active users who give 200M gifts to friends every day. iOS users give 500,000 gifts every day. If gifting behavior is identical on the web and iOS, Zynga’s imputed user base on iOS is 450,000 DAU. Of note, 45% of these users play Farmville exclusively on iOS.

Mobile Radio by Pandora 

By the end of 2011, 66% of all listening hours will be on mobile devices up from 50% today.