Paypal launched a digital goods micropayment platform that will charge 5% plus $0.05 for purchases under $12. Facebook will integrate the platform later this year. Additionally, it will be available on all 3 major mobile OSs.   Content companies, including the FT, GigaOm and Ooyala, have also promised to use the system presumably for content microtransactions.

In a strong move to continue the 40% annual growth rate of SMB merchants, Paypal has partnered with Verifone to enable PayPal as a form of payment on the Verifone mobile application. In reciprocation, Verifone will promote PayPal to their SMB customer base. 

Twitter has added 30M users in the past two months up 200% from 2009, totaling 175M users. Traffic is up 100% year over year indicating that new users are roughly half as active.

Microsoft announced the 25M XBOX Live members collectively spend 1B hours per month, or 8 hours per week, an increase of 157% y/y. The XBOX Live Network the most successful over-the-top video platforms in the US.  Also, Halo:Reach has generated $350M in sales in 16 days, compared to $550M in 5 days for Modern Warfare 2. 

Microsoft launched a direct download software store called Games for Windows Marketplace to compete directly with Steam, streaming game service OnLive and Apple’s iTunes. Initially, there will be 100 titles available.


Worldwide, 77M smart phones shipped in Q3, up 78% from 2009, according to Strategy Analytics.

Apple sues Motorola for violation of multitouch screens on many mobile phones. This countersuit is in response to an Oct. 6 suit filed by Motorola against Apple citing 16 patent violations.

Amazon announced best sellers outsell twice as many copies on the Kindle as print. eBook sales have tripled year/year for Amazon.

Microsoft will adopt HTML5 standards instead of Silverlight, announced the SVP of Tools. Likely driven to this decision by the standards battle on the mobile phone where Silverlight has no userbase.

Google/AdMob have launched interactive video ads for Android.