KPCB announces a $250M social fund with Facebook, Zynga, Amazon, Comcast, Liberty Media and Allen & Company.


This year, 2B people will use the Internet regularly according to the UN and 5B people will have mobile devices.

Netflix on demand video services consume 20% of internet bandwidth during prime time in the US, according to a study completed by Sandvine.

eBay announced Paypal revenue increased 25% year over year at $798M. Auction growth is stagnant at 3%.

Apple reveals the next version of iTunes will enable direct software distribution for computer software. This move will undercut retail software sales and presumably impose an Apple tax on transactions 

ABC, CBS and NBC are preventing GoogleTV from accessing their content, citing lack of anti-content pirating safeguards.

GroupOn released an ad network that syndicates deals across the web. Ning is the first launch partner.


HP announced webOS 2.0 will be released on the new Palm Pre, available to customers in Q1.

Verizon will release the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet on November 11 for $400 with contract, a lower price point than the base iPad.

Zynga launches Farmville on iPad, four months after the very successful iPhone app which spent 50 days as a Top 25 game. Mobile represents the second largest distribution channel for casual game publishers.

Another week, another million downloads for AngryBirds on Android. Now at 3M.


The SaaS software market is growing at 26% CAGR while the licensed software market shrank by $7B according to Network World. 

Microsoft sells 240M Windows 7 licenses in 1 year, granting the new OS 17% marketshare in 12 months.

Microsoft relaunches the SMB web version of Office, Office 365, at $27 per user per month, a 40% price point lower than Google.

M&A and Investments

Intel invests $8M in OpenFeint, which counts 45M users and 3500 games in its network.

ShoreTel acquires Agito, maker of corporate mobile phone management systems.

NCR acquires mobile bar code scanner Mobiqua, indicating pending vertical integration of the POS terminal and mobile device.

Fox Interactive Media acquires sports blog network YardBarker.



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