The challenge of the entrepreneur is to combine a (technology) solution with a market that is precisely at the right maturity: one that is on the cusp of readiness to embrace change.

Without question, we are observing a shift in communication trends. “The truly important events … are not the trends. They are changes in the trends… Such changes, however, have to be perceived; they cannot be counted, defined, or classified.” (Peter Drucker)

The average teenager sends 3600 SMS per month, or about one every ten minutes of every waking hour. 18 to 24 year olds, who send upwards of 1500 SMS per month and whose use of voice minutes is plummeting, use Facebook more widely than email to message and share content.  

The opportunities to invent and reinvent services will never be apparent from the data. While it is clear that over the long term, SMS will need to provide inbox-like functionality, the truly innovative startups, the ones that disrupt industries and create markets are those who perceive market need before the need is manifested in analysts’ figures.