The Facebook Groups product release’s importance cannot be understated. Above all, it proves Facebook can quickly move to address growing user needs in ways that solve problems and enable new application and use cases.

Here are my first impressions after a day of using the product

  • Resolves the social graph growth dichotomy by enabling the total social graph to grow in size while creating smaller, fractured groups bound by an event, an interest or other bond to grow.
  • Intelligent ranking by activity brings groups to the fore or lets them decay with time.
  • Scales to mobile well and could conceivably enable mass asynchronous mobile SMS
  • Further reduces the need and importance of email in sharing and coordination among groups
  • Unlocks the potential for the unification of conversations across the web including web comments on blogs and elsewhere

The triumvirate of the social graph, groups and Facebook Connect will exert tremendous gravity across the web and continue to draw users to Facebook.