Skype and Facebook will announce a deep integration partnership which would integrate the Facebook social graph into the video and chat platform to compete with Google. 

US virtual goods sales will reach $2.1B in 2010, up 40% from last year’s $1.6B according to a report by Inside Virtual Goods. 


Microsoft sues Motorola for the violation of nine patents by Motorola’s Android phones. This follows Microsoft’s similar lawsuit against HTC which was resolved by the HTC’s commitment to build phones for Windows 7.

Amazon will launch an Android store which will likely distribute applications, music, ebooks and video content all paid via its Amazon payments mechanism. This is an interesting twist for the Android OS as it will likely cause additional market fragmentation and customer confusion. Nevertheless, the Amazon payment mechanism is much more robust and widely supported than Google Checkout. A market launch may precede the launch of Amazon Android devices.

iAd reportedly has 21% market share of the mobile ad market, according to IDC. Google has 27%, MSFT 10% and Yahoo 12%.

A further loss for Symbian and Nokia’s OS market share, Samsung dropped Nokia’s Symbian as a supported OS for future phones. Sony Ericsson announced an identical decision in August. There are only three manufacturers currently building Symbian devices: Fujitsu, Sharp and Nokia. 

Nokia announced 2.3M applications are downloaded daily from Ovi and 200,000 people are joining the service daily. Additionally, 70 developers have reached 1M downloads. Ovi therefore is on a 650M download annual run rate across 140M users compared to Apple’s 4B across 90M users.

eBay announced the average iPad purchase on eBay is 50% higher than on a PC driven by higher engagement rates, spending $85 per week compared to $65 for the iPhone app. Similarly, Gilt Groupe announced iPad generated 3% of sales in the first 2 days after launch.

Angry Birds hits 1M Android downloads in 4 weeks, making it the most successful game launch ever on Android and marking the potential beginning of the Android gaming market.

Blackberry announced Playbook, a thin tablet with Wifi weighing 1.5lbs for release in April 2011.

Financings and M&A

Amazon is proceeding with an acquisition of Spanish private sale company BuyVIP for $110M. 

AOL acquires TechCrunchand 5Min ($65 million).

Google acquires virtual keyboard maker BlindType.