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Facebook passed Google with longer time on site for the first time in August with 41.1B minutes on Facebook and 39.9B on Google. Given the differing use cases between the two products, this is to be expected.

Google announces 40% of AdSense ads (ex-DoubleClick) are display ads, marking a tremendous success for the company moving up the value chain.

Amazon enables direct Amazon Payments on third party websites. This move will position Amazon Payments as a strong alternative to Paypal for e-commerce on the web.

Amazon has recruited Andrew Vrignaud, former director of platform strategy for the massively successful XBox, to take on a presumably gaming focused role.


Apple reverses several key app store policies, widely interpreted to stem the assault on its content dominance from Android.

  • Apple is allowing Flash based applications on iOS driving more competition for users as Flash game developers on Facebook and elsewhere can easily port games and leverage the viral distribution channels to drive share
  • All development tool bans are lifted including analytics engines and gaming engines – good news for Flurry and Unity.

Vodafone sells 5% stake in China Mobile. The rationale behind the decision is unclear despite the significance of the decision given the size of the market.

Gartner forecasts 130M iOS devices shipping annually by 2014 and 260M Android devices, representing about 40% of total global demand and an increase from today’s run rates of about 145%, likely conservative.

Nokia’s CEO steps down after 20 year reign and will be replaced by Stephen Elop, a MSFT executive who ran Office. Elop’s lack of relationships in the carrier market is a clear deficiency in his background.

MSFT is paying handsomely for Bing distribution on mobile phone carriers. Verizon announced that a significant fraction of Android devices will have Bing as their default search engine. It’s unclear whether users will be able to change this setting.

Apple is rumored to be enabling FaceTime to iChat connections. In other words, enabling mobile video chat to connect to desktop video chat.

Kai-Fu Lee, former President of Google China, announced he will fork the Android code to develop a modified OS that will provide advanced caller ID, sync contacts with social networks and display lyrics in a new music player. Sharp, Haier and Tianyu have signed as hardware partners.


HP is in talks to acquire security software provider ArcSight for $1.5B, a 23% premium to Friday’s closing share price.