Internet & Media

Twitter announces 145M users. Of new users, 16% start on mobile. Mobile represents about 14% of usage; Twitter.com is 78% of usage.

Target announces the sales of Facebook Credits across its 1,750 retail stores and on Target.com. Facebook Credits will pose a significant threat to existing game meta-currency providers.

Disney announced the creation of a TV-Everywhere enabled ESPN for Time Warner Cable subscribers. ESPN is one of the most powerful family of channels; moving content to TV-Everywhere implies tremendous momentum for the effort.

Spotify announces integration into European Sonos devices.

Only 52% of American TV viewing is non-time-shifted. Online video streaming is now equivalent to hours spent watching DVDs at 13-14%. Netflix and Hulu each represent about 4% while YouTube is larger at 9%. Interestingly, 59% of those studied watch TV on at least one other device: laptops 40%, desktop 36%; mobile phone 10%.


Apple announced:

  • 2M iPads and 6.9M iOS devices ship monthly.
  • 120M iOS devices have been purchases.
  • 6.5B application downloads, or roughly 200 per second
  • 10% of the app store’s 250,000 applications are iPad apps. The TOS have required all developers to build iPad enabled applications, but most seem to be choosing the magnification option rather than rebuilding the app for the new platform.
  • GameCenter, the achievements and leader boards engine built by Apple, will debut inside of games, in the next few weeks.
  • Ping, a loose social network resembling Twitter, for iTunes users to follow others’ musical tastes. Initial use cases focus on following musical stars rather than friends. Ping is only available in iTunes. Coupling this social network to Game Center and iTunes may finally enable viral distribution channels to the iTunes store.
  • 275M iPods sold to date, of which the iPod touch is the best-seller.
  • iTunes has sold 11.7B songs, 450M TV shows, 100M movies and 35M books. 
  • Apple TV, a 720p streaming device.

Quantcast reports Android accounts for 25% of mobile web traffic; Apple has fallen from 70% in August 2009 to 56%.

Financings & M&A

Inflection raises $30M from Matrix and Sutter Hill to launch their public archive search engine.