Internet & Gaming

GroupOn COO Rob Solomon forecasts $400M in 2010 sales with 25M subscribers.

Yelp launches deals in San Diego in effort to compete with Groupon. 

YCombinator and Facebook announce a partnership that will provide YC companies priority access to new features such as virtual currency, APIs and Instant Personalization

Google launches VOIP to all Gmail customers for free in the US and Canada. 1M calls are made in the first day of launch.

Paul Allen sues YouTube, Facebook and eBay, among others for violation of 4 patents created by an incubator he funded in the early 2000s. 


Apple announces iTunes U, the distribution platform for online education on iTunes has delivered 300M downloads across 350,000 pieces of content. 

FourSquare announces 3M users. The last million have been added in 6 weeks.

Financings and M&A

Index invests $20M in etsy at a $300M valuation, $14M of which were secondary shares from early employees. 2010 revenues are $30-50M on $400M in gross merchandise value (GMV).

A bidding war has broken out between HP and Dell for 3Par with the latest bids at $30 per share, a 100% premium over the pre-M&A price.