Internet & Gaming

Internet advertising revenues grew 15% in Q2 to $7.2B according to IDC, up from 10.2% growth in Q1. IDC is forecasting $30.1B in 2010, up from $26.3B in 2009. Online video is the fastest growing segment at 114% and $476M.

eMarketer forecasts social media ad spending to reach $1.7B this year, of which $220M will be spent on social games. This represents 5.7% of the total ad market. 

GroupOn launched a campaign with Gap that generated $11M for the company in a single day, selling 10 GroupOns per second. 

Facebook launches Places, a mobile feature that enables users to check-in as well as to check-in friends. Additionally, Places has a significant local business element. Facebook has been encouraging advertisers to combine their Page with a Place indicating a stronger foray into the local ad market. Lastly, Facebook announced 105M iPhone users and 150M total mobile users.

News of a ChromeOS web app store, enabling the marketing of web applications through the OS, leaked. 

Evernote announced 4M users with 100,000 paying users. 


OpenFeint releases cross-mobile OS invitation system potentially offering viral growth from the iPhone to Android and other platforms.

 Apple hires expert in near-field payments, Benjamin Vigier who ran mobile payments for Paypal and Starbucks, leading to speculation of the importance of payment technologies for iOS devices. 

Digitimes forecasts 55M Android devices to ship this year.

MyTown announces 350k product check ins per week, across 4M users, indicating that users are beginning to interact with products in stores.

Financings and M&A

Intel acquires McAfee for $7.68B in cash. McAfee generated $2B in 2009 revenues.

Verizon invests $400k in loyalty card provider, CardStar.

Google acquires Like.com for a rumored $100M. Like had raised $50M in financing and was rumored to generate $50M in revenue. 

MasterCard acquires DataCash for $520M. DataCash is a European e-commerce company focusing in Asia that integrates with e-commerce suites. The company has 1,400 merchants and generated $58M in revenue in 2009.

PlaySpan raises $18M from Vodaphone and Softbank.

Dell acquires 3Par for $1.15B, an 85% premium.