Industry Figures

Global chip sales rose 45% from last year to $74.8B in Q2.

21 venture backed startups went public in H12010 raising $1.9B according to VentureDeal.

Internet & Gaming

Netflix signs $1B 5 year deal with Epix to bring 3,000 new titles to the streaming service. Epix has licensed the same VOD library serving Dish, Verizon and Charter to Netflix.

Amazon sells out of new Kindle inventory in the US and UK in 5 days.

Zynga removes Farmville from MSN Games, citing the lack of traffic from the portal as the rationale. Zynga hires Owen van Natta where he will oversee corporate development, revenue strategy and brand.

Dish announced plans to release an application enabling live TV viewing on mobile and iPad to subscribers. Additionally, Dish signed an agreement with Google TV Ads to enable Google’s ads to run across the screens of Dish’s 30M subs.

Nintendo announces 30M Wii’s sold in the US.

ComScore reports Q2 e-commerce revenues increased 9% to 32.4B over last year, the third consecutive positive growth quarter.

Google suspends Wave development after lackluster consumer adoption.


Google reports 25% of queries from Android phones use voice search.

Oracle sues Google over patent and copyright infringement for Google’s inclusion of Java in the Android operating system. 

Android announces 200,000 daily activations. Gartner reports Android sells more phones, 17.2% market share than Apple at 14.2 % market share in Q2.

FourSquare announces 2.6M users.

Microsoft begins to staff gaming studio to build games for Windows Phone 7.

MobiTV released a study on World Cup viewing statistics across platforms, below. They also announced phones with larger screens tend to elicit longer sessions.

Android 126 min

Apple 78 min

BlackBerry 65 min


UBS published a report estimating that Amazon’s AWS business will generate $500M in revenues in 2010 and grow to $2.5B by 2014. Additionally, they estimated the total Iaas market to be $5-to-$6 billion in 2010 and will grow to $15-to-$20 billion in 2014.  At the same time, Rightscale announced a 1000% customer spending increase between June 2009 and June 2010.

Microsoft and Salesforce settle patent disputes with a cross licensing deal.  Salesforce agreed to pay Microsoft and undisclosed sum.

Realpage, which offers Saas applications for property management firms, completed a $180M IPO. The company previously raised over $40 million in venture funding from Apax Partners, Advance Capital Partners, Camden Partners, and Leeds Equity Partners.

Financings and M&A

IBM acquires marketing automation company Unica for $480M.

Google Ventures invests about $3-5M in ngMoco:) likely to help with the rumored GoogleMe initiative.

Google acquires Slide for $182M and Jambool for $75M.

Limelight Networks acquired Delve Networks for an undisclosed amount to add video management and syndication capabilities to the CDN’s offerings.

Rich media mobile ad network Medialets raises $6M from insiders, Foundry and DFJ Gotham.

Exelate raises $15M from Menlo Ventures.

Skype and Demand Media file for IPO.

Skype has 124M users per month with 8M paying an average of $96 per year. Additionally, the company paid its founders $344M to settle the p2p technology lawsuit brought about immediately before the spinout from eBay.