This afternoon, I sat in a cafe this finishing Lords of Finance, which I highly recommend. Lauded by press far and wide, the book is a masterpiece. When I discovered the book on Amazon, I bought it on the web sent it to my Kindle app on iPad. As I traveled, I read most of it the tablet and only just fired up the Android app this afternoon to finish it. When I opened the book on my phone, I was taken to where I had just left off. it is the first book I have read using three different devices.

This seamless synchronization across platforms, coupled to a large content library, ranks Amazon unequivocally as the leader in eBooks. Apple adopted this strategy to great effect with multiplatform iTunes for music with both Mac and Windows releases. Multiplatform support is increasingly essential.

A few months ago, at the Freemium Summit in SF, Phil Libin of Evernote declared multiplatform use of a product was the single most correlated and causative factor in driving a user to pay for Evernote. Another presenter echoed the thesis.

As mobile computing becomes an integral part of everday life, we should leverage the new distribution channel, communicate through this novel marketing vector and delight our users within these novel form factors. It can only help to increase usage and conversion.