Internet & Gaming

Facebook announces 500M users.

Apple announces:

  • record revenue of $15.7B, $3.25B in profit cash of $45.8B
  • the 100 millionth iOS device sold in June
  • a roughly equal number of Macs and iPads sold
  • 8.4M iPhones sold
  • revenue contribution by product iPhone (40%), Mac (33%), iPad (16%), iPod (11%)

Netflix announces 15M total subscribers, up 42% y/y of which 60% are streaming at least 15 minutes of content up from 37% last year.

RockYou has signed a 5 year agreement for exclusive use of Facebook credits, following up on last quarter’s similar deal with Zynga and Crowdstar.

Pandora announces 60M users up from 50M in April, 40M in in December. Amazingly 80% of the 90,000 artists in the library are played on a monthly basis, indicating Pandora is more broadly distributing music than traditional radio.

eBay announced better than expected revenues of $2.2B and $530M in profits (up 18% y/y), fueled by Paypal. In particular, Paypal Merchant Services are growing 40% y/y

Amazon announces it sells 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books.  


Amazon generated more than $1B in annual revenue through mobile purchasing.

Nokia profit drops by 40%, though revenue is up by 8% for Q3 as it searches for a new CEO. Nokia claims 1.4M app downloads per day.

AT&T reported 3.2M iPhone activations of which only 27% were new customers

Financing & Liquidity Events

Pixazza raises $12M from Shasta, following Google Ventures Series A. Pixazza monetizes images across the web.

Compass Labs raises $5M Series A from NEA and Triple Point Capital. Compass Labs was incubated at NEA and is focused on extracting e-commerce intent signals from social media.

Gaikai, the video game streaming company and OnLive competitor, raised an undisclosed strategic round from Intel Capital and Limelight Networks.

Flipboard, an iPad based electronic magazine and competitor to pulse, raised $10.5M from Index and KPCB