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Google announces a 3% drop in paid clicks, a 1% increase in sequential revenue and 24% increase in quarterly revenue to $6.82B.

Zynga’s FrontierVille gains 20M monthly users five weeks after launch. It’s not yet clear if the game is adding to total userbase or cross selling well.

Microsoft integrates Facebook’s social networking features into Outlook.


HTC forecasted to ship 8.5M devices in Q4, which is roughly equivalent to Q2 sales of iPhones.

Apple shipping 130,000 phones per day including iPhone 4; Android is shipping 160,000. Apple sells 3M iPhone 4s in 3 weeks, comparable in scale to the initial releases of the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

China has now 422M internet users, 277M of which access the web via mobile phone. The total number grew by 36M (10%) over the past six months.

Yelp announced 1M downloads of its Android app with 50% week over week growth after a new release. The application has some LBS components and competes with FourSquare.


Microsoft announced its private cloud appliance based on the Azure platform. The appliance is literally a shipping container filled with about a thousand servers preloaded with Windows, SQL Server, and an Azure-compatible application stack. Fujitsu, Dell, and HP have announced partnerships with Microsoft to build the hardware required and Ebay announced that it will be the first customer.

Amazon offers high performance computing through EC2. Amazon extended its EC2 offerings with a new low- latency, high bandwidth instance that have access to non-blocking 10Gb ethernet. Amazon hopes this will allow customers to move HPC workloads to the cloud.

Intel reported its best quarter ever with revenue of $10.8B. The company attributed part of the growth to a Windows 7-driven upgrade cycle in PCs but also saw record mobile and server processor sales.

Toronto-based invoice startup FreshBooks has crossed $1 billion in billings that were paid worldwide over the FreshBooks ecosystem between January and May of this year. Last year it took the company until August to reach this milestone.

Financing & Liquidity Events

Atlassian raises $60M from Accel. Atlassian makes software product development software that is used by 20,000 customers around the world, including Facebook, Zynga, Cisco, and Adobe. The company recorded $59M in revenues last year.

Google acquires Metaweb for an undisclosed amount. Metaweb provides semantic search across a database and had raised $56M.

Okta raises $10M from Andreesen-Horowitz. The company enables IT departments to control cloud applications similar to client apps and is founded by former Salesforce VPE Todd McKinnon.

WordPress competitors, Squarespace, raises $38.5M round from Index and Accel. ZocDoc, an OpenTable for doctors, raises $15M from Founder’s Fund following Khosla’s Series A. Naspers acquires 28.7% of DST for $388M.



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  1. Hi, I recently began subscribing to your blog and have found a lot of value in your updates. I’m searching for the best tools to share information (news, rumors, links, competitive intelligence, etc.) in real-time internally, but without forcing the team to proactively check for updates. I thought you would be a good person to ask which tools you use to share information within your organization. Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have thoughts on how to improve the blog. At Google, we had a mailing list that individuals sent mail  which was sent to others who subscribed. You might try an internal collaboration tool like Yammer or Salesforce Chatter. Those two solutions are probably the easiest. 

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