Internet & Gaming

Google invests between $100-200M in Zynga to launch Google Games. Google granted license to continue operations in China.

Xbox Live revenue hits $1.2B for the trailing 12 month financial year. MSFT reported that 50% of the 25M users upgrade to a $50/yr Gold account. But content sales exceed subscription revenue for the first time, generating at least $650M. Revenues are up roughly 45% from $800M last year.

Borders launches an Amazon eBook store competitor powered by Kobo.

YouTube creates a $5M fund to finance up and coming videographers.

Yahoo outsources Real Estate to Zilllow. 

Jeff Herzog, founder of iCrossing, is getting back into the SEM game as his noncompete has expired.


NTP files suit against Google, LG, Motorola, Microsoft and Apple for breach of wireless email patent, the same patent that was used to win a $612M ruling against RIM.

Android market share up 4% (44% growth) in 1 quarter according to Comscore:

Share of Smartphone Subs Feb 10 May 10 Percent Change
RIM 42.1% 41.7% -1%
Apple 25.4 24.4 -4
Microsoft 15.1 13.2 -13
Android 9.0 13.0 44
Palm 5.4 4.8 -11

YouTube launched an HTML5 based webapp which is serving 100M videos daily and dramatically outperforms the client in latency and quality

Foursquare announces 2M users. Loopt announces 4M. Qik announces 25k video chats per day.

Compete SmartPhone Intelligence report released some interesting data

  • 1/3 of all iPhone and Android users had discovered 2 or more new local businesses and stopped by as a result of mobile searches
  • 1/3 of smart phone users use their phones as a primary twitter device
  • 51 pct of iPhone users have 5 or more games and 37 pct play daily. 46pct of Blackberry users have no games installed.


EMC buys Greenplum, a big data data warehousing company.  The price was undisclosed but the company had preivously raised over $61M.   

Financing & Liquidity Events

Elevation buys $150M more in secondary purchase of common for 5M shares, a 33% discount to preferred. Elevation now owns 7.5M shares in FB.

Amazon acquires Woot for an undisclosed price.

Google acquires ITA for $700M indicating a shift into verticalized search. ITA provides algorithmic search to power many GDS systems.