Internet & Gaming

Facebook launches open graph search product with data from partner sites, competing with Google. Additionally, 1M domains are now using Facebook Connect.

Google Voice opens to the public with 1M users. Also, Google rumored to launch a payment mechanism for newspapers called NewsPass later this year.

Skype opens SDK for hardware OEMs and developers.

Coca-Cola announced massive success with Twitter ads: 85 million impressions generated 6% engagement rate, versus a typical .02% for any other type of online ad.

Alibaba acquires Vendio for undisclosed terms, but presumably less than $100M, to expand into the US.  Vendio provides small and medium e-commerce software to tens of thousands of merchants in the US.

SonicSolutions, provider of streaming content to Blockbuster and Boxee, will deliver streaming video to consumer electronics sold through Sears and Kmart, marking  a continuation of the inexorable progress of streamed media to the masses. Sonic announced a similar partnership with BestBuy earlier this year.


Apple announces 3M iPads sold in the first 80 days; estimates place initial iPhone 4 sales at roughly 1.5M, of which 77% are upgraded. Some initial reception problems seem to plague users, though a software fix may be in the works. Apple also changes terms to collection location data from users.

Android announces 160,000 daily activations up from 100,000 30 days ago (55M phone run rate). 65k apps on the store. New Android version, Gingerbread, to provide UI control options to users. Sense UI and other handset specific customized UIs may no longer be permitted in effort to stem fragmentation.

Fox released BitBop, a mobile Hulu competitor, with $10 monthly subscription with content from CBS, Fox, NBC, A&E, Comedy Central, Discovery, FX, MTV and USA.

Swype keyboard will be shipped with 50 devices by year end.

RIM achieved significant earnings growth and shipped a record 11.2 million devices during the first quarter, including its 100 millionth BlackBerry smartphone

Major UK operators are are looking to standardize mobile TV and video on a standard called Integrated mobile Broadcast or IMB, supported by the 3GPP. This standard will enable broadcasters to pool unused spectrum together, decreasing towers needed to support demand and will provide a dedicated video network enabling very fast speeds. this follows a move by 12 US content producers and ISPs to create a mobile specific group of channels combining scheduled and delayed TV.

Americans spent $168M in the trailing twelve months on mobile virtual goods according to a recent report completed by Magid and financed by Aurora Feint. Over 70 million Americans or 23% now own smartphones. 45 percent play mobile games and 16 percent spend $41 per year on in-game virtual goods.


Salesforce Chatter comes out of Beta, adding rich communication and collaboration tools to the Salesforce platform.   

Cloudswitch officially launched the commercial version of enterprise server, which allows enterprises to move existing, multi-tiered applications to the cloud with no modifications.  The company took top prize at the Structure 2010 launchpad. 

Northscale is announcing the open source release of Membase, a highly scalable NoSQL key-value store.  Northscale will be selling support for Membase. Zynga is a key customer for Farmville and CafeWorld.

Nimbula (formerly Benguela), led by the team that developed EC2 for Amazon, launched a cloud management suite for on-premise and off-premise resources.

Financing & Liquidity Events

Papaya mobile raises $4M from DCM and reports 3.5M users; focusing on Android gaming

eBay acquires Occipital, makers of RedLaser, barcode scanning app for an undisclosed amount.

Playdom raises $33M from Steamboat Ventures  to finance an Asian expansion

Palantir, makers of data analysis software for finance and government, raise $90M from Founder’s Fund and others, at a $735M valuation. The company has doubled sales every year without a single sales person.

Opscode raises $11M from Battery Ventures and DFJ

Eckhart Walter, VP of Yahoo Search, accepts EIR role at Accel.