2010  IPOs have returned -3% ytd with an average 1st day pop of 4% while venture backed IPOs vastly outperformed their non-venture peers with a first day pop of 14.3% (versus -0.1%) and total return of 14.8% (versus 2.9%).

Internet & Gaming

OnLive announces 10 games for the June 17 launch of the service in addition to a 50% reduction in monthly subscription fee to $4.95

Gaikai signs EA as a content partner for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Sims and Need for Speed.

Playdom releases Verdonia, a social MMO on Facebook, marking a change in strategy to smaller userbase, higher ARPPU games.

News Corp. acquired e-reader Skiff from Hearst, a software/hardware project to present digital magazines as on print. The hardware project will be shuttered. As part of the deal, NWS invests in Journalism Online, a news monetization venture.

Boxee licenses RoxioNow to enable digital streaming of premium content on Boxee. RoxioNow powers Blockbuster’s streaming service. 

Twitter launches tweets tagged with points of interest. Twitter integrates directly with FourSquare and Gowalla.

Travelocity extends exclusive OTA arrangement with Yahoo

Yelp co-founder and CTO, Russel Simmons is leaving the company to travel.


Apple overwhelmed by order for iPhone with 600,000+ ordered in the first 24 hrs

Most Android phones now on Android 2.1, marking a decrease in OS fragmentation that will please developers.

Verizon CFO confirms unlimited data plans will end this year. The company estimates the  typical smartphone user consumes 600-800MB of data per month, similar to AT&T estimates for iPhones.

Orange will trial HD voice in three UK markets to ascertain market demand.


Jive announces 3,000 customers, 15M users and 100M run rate at EOY 2010

Twilio launches OpenVBX, an open source Google Voice competitor, targeted to SMBs.

Eucalyptus announces the support for Windows Hypervisor, adding to support of VMWare, Xen and KVM 

Financing & Liquidity Events

IBM acquires Coremetrics for an undisclosed amount.

Softbank invests $147M in Zynga for Asian expansion leveraging RockYou as a distribution mechanism