Internet & Gaming

Nielsen announces results of 3 screen report. DVR and Web Video continue to grow quickly and simultaneous TV/web browsing has hit an inflection point. 30% of TV minutes are accompanied by a second screen.

Softbank announces $10M additional investment into RockYou to finance the Asian expansion. SoftBank is pursuing a joint Zynga/RockYou strategy to bring US games to Asia. RockYou has raised $127M to date.  Zynga also announced native iOS versions of Farmville

Hulu is rumored to launch a subscription service providing access to archives, older episodes of shows

Microsoft Office launches Office apps free on the web. Users receive 25 GB of storage via SkyDrive.

Linden Labs cuts workforce by 30%.

Twitter announces 190M monthly visitors and 65M daily tweets, or about 11 tweets per monthly visitor. Twitter acquires analytics platform SmallThought for an undisclosed price.


Steve Jobs announced key iPad figures:

  • 8500 applications avaiable; averag user has downloaded 17 apps
  • 1.5-2B in revenue in 2010; $1B paid to developers so far
  • iPhone at 28% Q1 market share on devices
  • 5M books downloaded; 2.5 per user
  • Achieved the 5 billionth cumulative digital download on iTunes

Apple prevents AdMob and other ad networks from running ads on iOS devices. The FTC has begun an antitrust investigation into Apple’s mobile and music businesses.

OnStar will integrate Google maps for turn-by-turn navigation.

Unity announces gaming platform in use by 170,000 developers across 9 platforms.

InMobi, one of the largest international mobile ad networks with presence in Asia and Africa, announced the launch of a US ad network.