Nielsen released their quarterly three screen report. They include data from the most recent 3 quarters, but I have gone back to the previous 6 quarters to show longer term trends because change over two quarters doesn’t show the right picture.

In short, web video and time shifted TV are exploding. All other forms of content consumption are stable. Internet surfing has hit a ceiling meaning web startups are now competing against others for users share of time on the web, a different dynamic than a few years ago when usage was growing and users were more willing to experiment. 

Mobile/TV simultaneous viewing is hitting an inflection point of late, which is the wave the iPad is riding. Have you seen those iPad ads on street furniture? They are lean back, feet on the coffee table use cases. Clearly, this data and the marketing data supports the thesis of a casual computer.

In brief, content consumption is gravitating toward video underscoring the value of TV advertising, web video, web video ad platforms and PC/TV interaction. More interesting areas we are investigating for investment!