Internet & Gaming

Facebook becomes the largest online display ad publisher with 16% of total impressions, though share of total market in dollars is unclear. The company also reported a 400% increase in advertisers year over year.

Google has begun a limited trial of ads inserted into the Twitter feed. Terms of the pilot or indications of future collaboration are unknown.

Yelp announces integration with OpenTable for seamless table booking from Yelp.com. OpenTable has booked reservations for 24M diners in 6 months.

Zynga loses 10% of users after Facebook notifications change.


ComScore reports that mobile social networking users have grown by 240% y/y from 4 to 14

Skype announces 5M downloads of their iPhone app in 4 days. The iPhone app enables VOIP.

In May, HTC revenue totalled NT$18.66 billion (US$579.58 million), up 49.51% year on year, with sales from January though May bringing in NT$74.37 billion, up 34.06% year on year.

In a sign that newspapers are eying the mobile local market, NYTimes launches a NYC centric check in application focused on events, restaurants, etc using the content generated by the newspaper as a differentiator


Google acquires InviteMedia, a demand side platform, for $70M.

GSI Commerce acquires retargeting company, FetchBack for $40M

Zipcar files for IPO with $35M in revenue and $5M loss in the trailing quarter.   

Sonic Solutions acquires DivX for $323M. Both public companies, Sonic develops technologies for the delivery of media in CD, DVD, Blu-Ray etc. DivX Software is present on 300M devices.

BookRenter raises $10M from Norwest.

Nielsen files for a $1.75B IPO with major shareholders KKR, THL, Carlyle, Blackstone, H&F looking for liquidity. Nielsen generated $4.8B in 2009 growing at 5.7% annually

Hearst acquires iCrossing, an SEM firm, for $325M after shareholders rejected an earlier $250M offer. 

Marin Software raises $11.2M from DAG.